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October 20, 2014

When cruising, it's best to arrive a day or two early, just incase the weather turns bad and travel is hampered.

Our travel agent, Linda, will be securing a block of rooms at a hotel that offers transportation from airport to hotel and hotel to port. More information to come.

Don't forget to pack an alarm clock, there are no clocks in the cabins. You don't want to be late for classes! Cellphones are not a reliable choice for a clock. We will be changing time zones and your phone will change, but the ship stays on Florida time zone, which is: Eastern Time Zone.

Why a Cruise? It's a no brainer!

-- Unlimited gourmet food
-- Start seeing the world without the hassle of driving, packing/unpacking, multiple airports...
-- Great entertainment and a variety of activities for all interests
-- Relaxing, lounging, swimming...
-- Loads of unbelievable amenities on your floating resort!
-- Best of all, weaving baskets!!!


Cruising is the only place I can let go of control, I won't get lost driving (that's on the captain), I don't have to make my bed (that's on the room steward), and I don't have to think of something for dinner (that's on the Chef)!

-- -- --