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Trisha Brown - East Freetown, MA.
Trisha Brown is an experienced Nantucket basket weaver from New England. Trisha grew up weaving baskets under her mother's tutelage, and has devoted her professional life to refining her craft. In addition to working for the family business, DELS Nantucket Baskets, Trisha travels the East Coast from Florida to New England teaching the time-honored craft of basket weaving. Trisha is a member of The Georgia Basket Association, The North Carolina Basket Association, The North East Basketmakers' Guild, The National Basketry Organization and The Basket Museum on Nantucket, and she has distinguished herself by winning Best of Show in 2011 and 2012, and First Place in the Teacher Category in 2013 according to the Northeast Basketmakers' Guild. Recently, Trisha has used her weaving knowhow to push the boundaries of basketry by developing new designs, such as the Cottage Sewing and Jewelry Basket.
Trisha Brown is more than a weaver, she's also a wife and a mother. Her husband also works for the family business, and helps Trisha with her traveling classes and teaching. Trisha's daughter is seven years old, and already showing promise as a weaver herself. Even with such a busy personal and professional life, Trisha still finds time to involve herself with her community and is active as Co-Chair of Communications.

Jelena Clay - Hilo, Hawaii
Jelena is a mixed media artist and owner of the Banyan Gallery. She resides in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii.
Jelena works primarily with fiber and gourds and creates gourds, fiber work and Oil paintings relating to the Island flora and culture.
Jelena has worked with the hula arts community for many years. The Hawaiian culture is deeply rooted in nature which is her primary influence, and her work is a culmination of her island experiences and knowledge.

Jenny Elzy - North Carolina
Jenny has been weaving for over 25 years, she attended her first NCBA convention in 1994. Over the years she has enjoyed learning from many different teachers and has tried to share that with others. Jenny enjoys teaching groups of all ages as well as teaching at local guild meetings. Her baskets have won numerous awards at the Craven County Fairs as well as at the Arts Council at Carteret County and are displayed at the gallery and gift shop in Beaufort, NC.

Nancy Matthews - Tennessee
A professional educator for 40 years, Nancy has always loved to teach. Her sister taught her to weave, but she was not hooked until she made her first rib basket. Her mission is to develop and teach techniques that simplify rib basket construction and result in a more enjoyable weaving process. She enjoys weaving all types of rib baskets and designing new variations. For her, the best part is watching students learn new techniques and create their own unique baskets

Mary and Jimmie Earl McKinzie - Illinois
Mary’s love of baskets led her to weaving classes, soon involving Jimmie Earl. Now weaving together for over 20 years, both are juried members of the Illinois Artisans Association. Mary is Past-President of LLBWA in Illinois.
Students are surprised to discover that Mary and Jimmie Earl both teach, but quickly appreciate the extra instruction this unique teaching duo provide.
They enjoy designing, weaving and teaching basketry at home, at guilds and conventions in IL, MO, IN, OH, KY, TN, OK, KS and NC, and on the Basket Cruise.

Billy Owens - Missouri
Billy is the second generation of the "Owens" White Oak basket makers. His dad, Dale Owens, was self-taught and the first basket maker in the family. His wife Theresa helps with the weaving, as well as the children and grandchildren (the third and fourth generation). "Owens Oak Baskets", has been around for over 30 years in the Ozarks of Southwestern Missouri. All the material used in their baskets is made from White Oak timber grown here in the Ozarks, which Billy selects, cuts and prepares by hand using a homemade hand tool which was made by his Dad called a "Split Knife". Billy has taught at conventions and workshops all over the United States. In his classes he enjoys sharing with his students everything about the Ozark and Owens method of "White Oak" basketry, from selecting the right tree to how he prepares the material for weaving. It is his goal when he teaches, that first and foremost everyone leaves with a finished basket that will last a lifetime and they can be proud of, as well as have a fun time learning about the process of White Oak basket making. He wants to ensure the Tradition of Ozark White Oak basketry lives on.

Marilyn Parr - Michigan
When Marilyn was introduced to basket weaving about 40 years ago, little did she know the journey it would take her on! She started out as a student, attending the conventions organized by the Association of Michigan Basketmakers.
Five years ago, she was approached by Crossroad Weaving Guild in Okemos, Michigan to present and teach a couple of her designs that she had made for a local quilt shop. From the encouragement that she received, an adventure has begun!
She really enjoys working with wood bases and designing unique leather handles for her baskets. This has also brought her in touch with local Amish gentlemen that take her ideas from paper and into reality!
She feels that it is an honor to be able to spend time with other basket weavers and hopes to share her experiences and knowledge that she has gathered with others.

Mary Price - Illinois
Mary is a fulltime basket weaving instructor with a home- based basket weaving studio in Woodstock IL. She has been weaving since 1996 and teaching since 1999. She has attended classes at many conventions and cruises over the years. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the art of basket weaving with others. She currently offers monthly classes in her home studio and travels offering classes at retirement communities, churches, libraries, community park districts and civic centers. She coordinates classes for home school students, Boy and Girl Scouts and in-home basket weaving parties. She has written many basket patterns and specializes in practical, functional reed baskets.


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