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Sandy Bulgrin - Wisconsin
Sandy has been teaching basket weaving for over 20 years, having started by instructing 4-H children, which she continues today. Sandy has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and enjoys teaching at the museums in Racine and Kenosha. She has taught at basket and gourd events and retreats in Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana and on the high seas of our first basket cruise in 2010 & subsequent cruises in 2012, 2014 & 2016. Sandy is also co-chair of the Basket Cruise.

Jelena Clay - Hawaii
Jelena is a mixed media artist and owner of the Banyan Gallery. She resides in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. Jelena works primarily with fiber and gourds and creates gourds, fiber work and Oil paintings relating to the Island flora and culture.
Jelena has worked with the hula arts community for many years. The Hawaiian culture is deeply rooted in nature which is her primary influence, and her work is a culmination of her island experiences and knowledge.

Patty Feather - Florida
Patty began weaving in the year of 2000, attending numerous conferences and exploring unusual materials and techniques in her designs. Patty has been teaching professionally for thirteen years, starting in a mixed media artist's guild in Paducah KY, and expanding her exposure by forming active guilds in Paducah and Mayfield KY, and Evansville IN. Patty has a BA in education, and resides in Florida with her husband. Patty's basket making supply business, Feather Baskets, is based out of her home, where she develops new basket designs. She spends most of her time teaching at conferences, retreats [ KY, TN, IN, NC, WV, GA, OH, VA, IL, FL, PA ,MO, MI], schools, guilds, and any group interested in learning about basket weaving.

Debbie Hurd - Arkansas
Debbie began weaving over 30 years ago at a community education program in Arkansas. She retired from teaching first grade Reading and is now active designing new baskets, traveling, and just having fun weaving! She has taught in many states for conventions, seminars, small groups and guilds. She also taught on the Basket Weaving Cruises. She and Candace Katz co-own the business, Bases To Weave. Weave something new, learn something new and pass it on to others.

Candace Katz
Candace has been weaving for 20 years and teaching for 15 years. Her designs include wood bases woven with reed, maple & cane. She has taught at MBG, LLWB, KBA, NCBA, Stateline, Oklahoma and Kansas weekend weaves. Candace is partners with Debbie Hurd in Bases to Weave, a supplier of wood base products for basket weaving. She enjoys meeting new people, visiting with old friends and sharing tips & tricks. For her the journey is all about the love of the weave.

Karen Kotecki - Wisconsin
"Baskets and me were meant to be. My license plate holder says it all - "I'd Rather Be Basket Weaving". Now on my third basket cruise, I'd have to say "I'd Rather Be Basket Weaving On A Cruise". Basketry and cruising have taken me all over this country, taken me to Canada, taken me to the high seas, and even taken me to the Panama Canal. How cool is that! I discovered the wonderful art form that is Basketry 15 years ago. Up until that time I would have told you I just didn't have an artistic bone in my body. Then one day in a church "craft class", the basket-bug bit me big time. I started with the traditional, functional baskets, in reed and woods and grasses, and honed my skills. I took the plunge - cruise humor - into designing and teaching 7 year ago now. My current passion is weaving with my hand-painted paper. It's the perfect material to indulge my love of twills, diagonal weaves, intriguing shapes, and lots of color. I'm excited to see where Basketry takes me next. Wherever the journey, leads I know it will always include good friend and good times. Thank you to all who I have been privileged to meet and know and learn from along the way."

Jerry Maxey - South Carolina
A wood turner and basketmaker, Jerry creates works of art using dyed rattan and sea grass incorporating wood bases, wooden rims and rings. Not working from patterns in advance, Jerry turns a picture in his mind into a finished basket. Sometimes he will repeat a particular pattern or construction, but no two works are ever quite alike

Nancy Matthews - Tennessee
A professional educator for 40 years, Nancy has always loved to teach. Her sister taught her to weave, but she was not hooked until she made her first rib basket. Her mission is to develop and teach techniques that simplify rib basket construction and result in a more enjoyable weaving process. She enjoys weaving all types of rib baskets and designing new variations. For her, the best part is watching students learn new techniques and create their own unique baskets

Peggy McCarson - South Carolina
Peggy has been working with new and experienced weavers for the past 15 years. She likes using color in reed, ribbons, and other materials. Baskets are personal so she is delighted when a student tries a different path based on the provided pattern. After weaving for years, she is glad to share hints and shortcuts to make weaving fun and exciting.

Mary and Jimmie Earl McKinzie - Illinois
Mary's love of baskets led her to weaving classes, soon involving Jimmie Earl. Now weaving together for over 20 years, both are juried members of the Illinois Artisans Association. Mary is Past-President of LLBWA in Illinois. Students, surprised to discover that Mary and Jimmie Earl both teach, quickly appreciate the extra instruction this unique teaching duo provide.
They enjoy designing, weaving and teaching basketry at home, at guilds and conventions in IL, MO, IN, OH, KY, TN, OK, and NC, and on the Basket Cruise.

Joni-Dee & David Ross - North Carolina
Joni-Dee wove her first basket in 1989; she discovered the perfect expression of her exuberant optimism and joy in life. In 1991she founded Handmade North Carolina Baskets. Now living in Summerfield, NC, she also co-owns The Woodland Nantucket Retreat Company with Denise Bendelewski of Magnolia Baskets. Joni-Dee has earned a degree in Education and has written & published over 80 basket patterns. She particularly enjoys designing and weaving custom Nantucket baskets to fulfill the wishes and desires of a client. In addition to weaving and teaching classes in her Summerfield studio, Joni-Dee regularly conducts workshops at conventions, private guilds and art centers throughout the United States. She and Denise will soon be publishing a book of Nantucket Basket weaving techniques. David is an experienced woodworker as well as a PhD in Biology. His grandfather inspired him in woodcraft and to become a self-taught woodworker and woodturner. Since retiring from agri-business in 2013, he has become a full partner in Handmade NC Baskets (leaving too-little time to restore his 1959 Triumph TR3A Roadster!). He produces many of the hardwood components for their business and a wide variety of turned wood items and custom furniture.

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