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Sunday, February 4 • 8am

Mr. & Mrs.

Create this nightstand duo by weaving a 3" round ring holder with cherry base, rim and cover and cane staves and weavers. This basket is completed with a heart knob and acrylic ring holder. Its companion piece is a 5" round dresser tray made with complete cherry construction, and cane weavers. A Corian scrimshaw center completes the basket. Heart and round will be engraved with Mr. and Mrs. unless otherwise specified. It can be personalized with initials or a monogram at no additional charge. 

Size: 3" round & 5-1/2" round
Material Fee: $160.00


Multi-use Acrylic Canister

Multi-use acrylic canister with cherry base, rim and staves. Learn how to add a pattern as you weave. This can be used as an ice bucket, utensil holder, vase, or anything else you can think of!

Size: 6" round x 7" tall
Material Fee: $105.00

Instructor: Trisha Brown
Level: All levels
Tools needed: none needed


Gail’s Tribute

This lovely basket was created by Anne’s dear friend and fellow basket teacher, Gail Hutchinson. Before her passing, she asked Anne to teach this basket. Previously known as Joanne’s Basket, it is woven on a beautiful mold with Hamburg cane over dyed spokes using a wood base. The rim is woven in an intricate pattern. Color and rim techniques will be offered. It is a sweet basket!

Instructor: Anne Bowers
Level: Intermediate
Size: 3” tall X 5 ½” wide
Material Fee: $60.00
Tools needed: Basket scissors, small pointed awl


Yarn Basket

All material is Made of Hand Split White Oak from trees i cut and prepare by hand using Homemade tools my Dad made and used. The Yarn basket has a woven Oak "working" bottom a round top and is approx. 8 1/2" deep. And 2 Loop/Bushel handles. I share everything concerning White Oak from how I select my timber, to the preparation using primitive tools to the Owens method of rimming. Everyone should Finish in class and leave with a Beautiful piece of Ozark tradition.

Instructor: Billy Owens
Size: Approx. 8 1/2" deep excluding the Handles and 12" in Diameter
Material Fee: $90.00
Tools needed: Scissors


“Cotton” is one of three baskets that comprise the Mid-Century Vanity Set. Store make-up, powder and other personals safely inside. Each basket in this set is woven over a plastic shell that becomes a permanent feature of your basket. This is your chance to make one, two or all three in the collection. Once the inside shells are gone these baskets will be retired. Eric’s baskets are made with the increasingly scarce material, Black Ash. All materials including Cherry wood base, rims and lid are personally made by Eric.

Instructor: Eric Taylor
Level: Intermediate
Size: 3 1/2” w x 3 1/2” l x 5 1/2” h
Material Fee: $135.00
Tools needed: none needed


Cross Body Purse

A must-have to weave for yourself. Perfect size for your phone, wristlet, sunglasses, chapstick, pen and more! Woven on a small wood base, with smoked, natural, and black reed. One row of accent is woven with corrugated tin ribbon. Shaping will be important so that when you’re finished, the Amish crafted, leather flap will fit. A magnetic snap closure secures the flap in the front and the long 52” leather strap is perfect for the shoulder or crossbody..

Instructor: Marilyn Parr
Size: 7” long X 4” wide X 7” tall
Material Fee: $98.00
Tools needed: Scissors, needle nose, towel, sanding pad, 4-6” zip ties, clothes pins


Sunday, February 4 • 4pm


Charleston Sweetgrass "Round About" Basket

This "Round About" Sweetgrass Basket is started with Pine needles and strip Palmetto, Sweetgrass is added as the dimension gets larger, Palmetto Strips are used as the binding part holding the entire basket together. When finished you will have a nice round basket that can be used in many ways. Extra starter kits will be available.

Instructor: Sarah Edwards-Hammond
Level: All levels
Size: 5.5” bottom x 3” sides
Material Fee: $80.00
Tools needed: Scissors


Ribbons is a combination of maple wood strips and reed. Start on an oval oak base with a narrow slot, eliminating the need to twine in the spokes The shaping challenge is to gracefully turn up the reed spokes from the base in preparation for the side weaving of maple wood weavers. The rim is lashed with polyester cord. Learn to use a mold to get firm-rounded ribbons that give a beautiful dense texture to this basket.

Instructor: Karen Kotecki
Level: Intermediate
Size: 8” Dimeter X 5/5” Tall
Material Fee: $75.00
Tools needed: Scissors, clothespins, towel, packing tool


Farmhouse Chic Set of 2

Class includes 2 baskets, 5 inch and 8 inch diameters x 5 inches H. These quick weave baskets both start with a round wood base. Techniques include: Triple twine, weaving with metal ribbon and finishing with a triple twine lashed rim. Sparkly rhinestones are added to the finished baskets along with painted silver metallic feet for the 8 inch version.

Instructor: Mary Price
Level: All Levels
Size: 5” Diameter X 5” H & 8” Diameter X 5” H
Material Fee: $68.00
Tools needed: Bring an old tweezer for rhinestone application


2 sessions –
Sunday and Monday
Evening 4:00 pm start



Pine Needle Cuff Bracelet – 2 sessions 4:00 – 7:00
**This class will be taught in two sessions,
class meets Sunday and Monday night (first and second sea day)

Make it your own! Large selection of beads and waxed linen colors. Start with a wire that fits YOU. I learned this in Alaska and they are fun to create and great sellers at art shows! Buttonhole stitching with fagoting and beading added. MANY samples to see for students to be inspired!

Instructor: Pam Hermann
Level: All Levels
Size: fit your wrist
Material Fee: $35.00
Tools needed: Scissors





Random Weave and Palm Baskets
**This class will be taught in two sessions, One basket each night. Class meets Sunday and Monday night (first and second sea day)

Two baskets in one class! In this class we will spend the first evening creating a random weave basket. we will use a simple technique to create a basic shape and have the ability to amend that shape as the vessel takes form. You can make a basket as tall as you want split directions, or add a handle, regardless of material! Natural material and reed will be available, you can mix the two if desired. The finished piece can be made to sit or hang on the wall. (The sample picture for the random weave baskets are reed on the left and palm inflorescence on the right). The next evening we will make a palm basket. I will bring palm sheaths from Hilo Hawaii and using my folding technique we will make a palm basket that can be used for dry arrangements, kitchen utensil storage, etc. I will also teach my signature philodendron rose to finish the rim on all the pieces.

Instructor: Jelena Clay
Level: All Levels
Size: Approx. 10” Wide X 12” High
Material Fee: $80.00
Tools needed: Scissors



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