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Saturday, January 27

Palm Basket and Banyan Weave Gourd
Basket Dimensions: Finished size of both will be approx. 9" tall X 6" (note: gourd selected will sit flat, no base will be needed or provided.)

We will start the day by creating a Gourd with a woven top made from Banyan aerial roots and embellished with island seeds, shells, philodendron and other items of student's choice. Students will select a pre-prepped gourd which we will be decorated with either earth tone or ocean tone colors on the base. We will go over the process of how the colors were created and detailed tutorials will be provided. The Banyan tree is native to India but is found in Hawaii as well as the Caribbean. Banyan aerial roots can be supplied for future projects.
Then we will move on to creating Palm heel baskets. I will bring pre-prepped palm heels. We will go over the selection and prep of the material and create a standing basket embellished with students choice of an array of natural material collected on the Big Island. Students will also learn to make Hawaiian cordage and 'roses' from leafs and philodendron which can be used in endless ways such as embellishments or wrapping gifts. I promise an information packed day you will really enjoy!
Email - for choice of color on gourd or for any questions.

Level: All Levels
Tools Needed:
Instructor: Jelena Clay
Material Fee: $80.00


By The Sea
Basket Dimensions: 14" L x 8" W x 13" H

This is a great beach tote for students to make. Basket is woven with added fillers. Space-dyed reed, leather handles, wood feet on the bottom and choice of "beachy" towel will accent this basket. Rim is double lashed. Fun and useful basket.

Level: All levels
Tools Needed: Scissors, Spoke weight, clothespins, pencil, tape measure, bent packer
Instructor: Debbie Hurd
Material Fee: $62.00

Basket Dimensions: 7" diameter X 9.5" tall

This basket starts with one of the beautiful hand turned wood bases made by the teacher. Jerry will show you how to do a 4-weave pattern along with how to make a wavy rim and Jerry signature sea grass hills. You will be proud to display this basket in your home.

Level: Intermediate
Tools needed: Scissors, awl
Instructor: Jerry Maxey
Material Fee: $75.00

Student's Nantucket Choice
Basket Dimensions: Depends on basket chosen

The student's Nantucket choice allows students to sign up for the basket of their choice. Students may sign up for 1, 2 or 3 days of class. After working with the teacher to determine the student's choice of project(s), the students will receive an invoice payable at the for the projects that they have chosen. This is a wonderful opportunity to choose the NANTUCKET basket that you have always wanted to make. When you have notification that you are in the Students Nantucket Choice class, please go to our website listed below to sign up for your project(s). Please email the teacher with any questions that you have.

Level: All Levels
Tools Needed: None; all supplied by teacher
Instructor: Joni Dee Ross
Material Fee: Will depend on the basket chosen

Sea Animals
Basket Dimensions: 9" X 9" X 5.5" H

This cute little basket is woven with a Laura Lee Zanger design grid of a turtle and a fish. Green and blue dyed reed for the stakes creates the animal patterns. Finished with a simple rim lashed with waxed linen to match the stakes.

Level: Intermediate
Tools Needed: Scissors, spoke weight, straight tool
Instructor: Patty Feather
Material Fee: $41.00

Shaker Cheese Baskets
Basket Dimensions: 8" and 10" base

These unique baskets are woven with flat reed in a different style of weave to make the hexagon weave pattern. Traditionally a shallow basket used by Shakers as a strainer to make cheese. Students will weave two different sizes. 8" and 10" base.

Tools Needed: None
Instructor: Sandy Bulgrin
Material Fee: $35.00

Chinese New Year
Basket Dimensions: 5" W X 9" L X 5.5" H

Starting on a slotted oval base weaving techniques include continuous weave, stop/start, 4 rod wale and using seagrass for the outside rim. Additional embellishment will be a Chinese coin and a variety of buttons of your choosing. Teacher will contact student for color choice.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Tools Needed: Scissors, packing tool
Instructor: Candace Katz
Material Fee: $35.00


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