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Saturday, February 15

Ozark White Oak Small Apple Basket

Weave this White Oak basket while learning and hearing all about the gathering and preparing of the White Oak tree that your Teacher Billy Owens does to bring these materials to you for your round Ozark style working basket that has a 12" diameter woven Oak "Working" bottom and is approx 8" deep excluding the solid Oak handle. 

Instructor: Billy Owens
Level: All levels
Size: 12" in Diameter and is approx. 8" deep
Material Fee: $75.00
Tools needed: Packing tool or awl for lashing

Tropical Gourd Fish
Basket Dimensions: 14" L x 8" W x 13" H

We will create a Gourd and woven fish in this fun, full day class.
The gourd will be cut and cleaned, dyed and prepared for weaving prior to arrival. Jelena will supply everything you need to create this tropical fish which is sure to get attention on your wall. Jelena will have a variety of supplies to make your fish personal. You can make it very earthy or colorful, your choice, but Jelena promises that no two fish will look alike. Facial features will be applied in class.
Jelena will go through step by step on how to have a solid framework to weave from so you can make your own again. Extra gourd fish kits are available by contacting Jelena.

Instructor: Jelena Clay
Level: All levels
Size: Approx 12" X 15" Long
Material Fee: $95.00
Tools needed: none needed

With a Twist Tote

Starting with a wood base that spokes are glued in a black and natural design. The triple twine takes on a "Twisted" look that ends in a swirl, capturing a charm of your choice that is provided. The leather, Amish made handles accent the basket with conchos centered at the top.

Instructor: Marilyn Parr
Size: 13" L X 6" W X 12" H with handle
Material Fee: $90.00
Tools needed: Weave rite tools, needle nose pliers, tape measure

Shadow Box

This unique basket was created with island colors in mind. White Sandy beaches lined with homes in shades of coral, lime green and light blue. Students will learn how to create a triple boxed base using natural and dyed reed. The sides and rim are woven using traditional methods. Black leather handles are incorporated matching the black reed in the base.

Instructor: Mary Price
Level: All levels
Size: completed basket is 12" square X 2 1/2" tall
Material Fee: $40.00
Tools needed: Extra long straight tip tool, packing tool, pencil



This rib basket is perfect for collecting shells at the beach or for displaying them at home. A sun burst radiates from each God’s eye. The body of the basket is woven in an open lacy 'seagull' weave.

Instructor: Nancy Matthews
Size: 8" diameter X 5" high without handle
Material Fee: $42.00
Tools needed: Needle nose pliers, packing tool, pencil

Petite Pastries

An Ideal presentation piece for everything from hors d’oeuvres, tea sandwiches, to cookies and confections. This 9" pastry tray features a woven pedestal using cherry and cane construction. Perfect for entertaining!

Instructor: Trisha Brown
Level: All levels
Size: 10 1/4" Wide X 5 3/4" tall
Material Fee: $135.00
Tools needed: None Needed


The multitude of spokes and rows that make up this advanced basket gives it a delicate appearance. The wood base and attention to shaping result in a lovely oval shape. Color choices will be available for the dyed and spaced-dyed reed used in the triple twining and start-stop weave.

Instructor: Mary & Jimmie Earl McKenzie
Level: Advanced
Size: 11" X 8" X 7" H
Material Fee: $58.00
Tools needed: Small Packer, tape measure, 2 small clips,
18 clothes pins


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