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Friday, February 09 • 8am

Gourd with lei trim

Every day is lei day in Hawaii!  We will start the day by learning how to make a lei with paper rush.  The practice lei can be used on other projects or on your favorite hat (papale) as a hat band.  This is a wonderful skill that you can do again using different material to make a lei for any special occasion. Once we have mastered the lei making technique we can make a lei for the top of your pre-cleaned and prepped gourd. We will make the lei with sea grass and palm sheath.  The palm sheath we will use is extremely durable when dry and very pliable when wet. The face of the gourd will have embellishments collected from Hawaii island such as; makalapua seeds and jacaranda pods (pictured).  We will finish it off by adding a subtle ombré berry color to the bottom of the gourd.  Although the gourd will be cleaned and prepped for students I will have tips and tricks on how to clean your own gourd in the future.

Instructor: Jelena Clay
Level: All Levels
Size: Approx 7-8” gourd and a ti leaf lei
Material Fee: $80.00
Tools needed: Scissors

Lavender Wands Door Basket

This lovely basket is a fun one to weave. Featuring a pocket shape, students will twine, twill weave, add rows of color to create a rather sturdy basket. Rim features purple on the outside and as a rim filler; lashed with waxed linen. Students will braid a cord to hang basket with and to tie on artificial lavender accents.

Instructor: Anne Bowers
Level: Intermediate
Size: 13” tall X 10” wide
Material Fee: $62.00
Tools needed: Scissors, awl, 6 clothespins


Waste Basket

All material is Made of Hand Split White Oak from trees i cut and prepare by hand using Homemade tools my Dad made and used. The Waste basket has a woven Oak "Herringbone" bottom an Oval top and is approx 9" deep. I share everything concerning White Oak from how I select my timber, to the preparation using primitive tools to the Owens method of rimming. Everyone should Finish in class and leave with a Beautiful piece of Ozark tradition.

Instructor: Billy Owens
Level: All Levels
Size: 5" x 10" bottom approx 9" deep Oval top
Material Fee: $90.00
Tools needed: Scissors



Abalone and Cedar

Students will learn traditional Haida weave techniques and designs using finely, hand prepared Alaskan yellow and western red cedar from Thorne Bay, AK. Beautiful Large Abalone specimens are included. You will learn a square to round start, Adding warp (spokes) and a sweet border at the top! A large selection of beads available to add an extra sparkle to your treasure! Twining experience is a MUST. Waxed linen twining experience is a great base to learn from. Harvest and preparation will be discussed. Materials will be finely prepared, may allow some chance to experience fine tuning.

Instructor: Pam Hermann
Level: Intermediate
Size: 4 ½” – 5 ½” W X 5 ½” – 7” L X 1 ¾” X 21/2 H (depending on the shell selected)
Material Fee: $95.00
Tools needed: Small awl, bone awl, large towel



“Brush” is one of three baskets that comprise the Mid-Century Vanity Set. Store make-up, powder and other personals safely inside. Each basket in this limited set is woven over a plastic shell that becomes a permanent feature of your basket. This is your chance to make one, two or all three in the collection. Once the inside shells are gone these baskets will be retired. Eric’s baskets are made with the increasingly scarce material, Black Ash. All materials including Cherry wood base, rims and lid are personally made by Eric.

Instructor: Eric Taylor
Level: Intermediate
Size: 3 1/2” w x 3 1/2” l x 7 1/2” h
Material Fee: $150.00
Tools needed: None needed

Evening • 4pm

Braids & Blossoms

Weave a 3-strand and 2-strand braid in this basket, started on a round oak base with narrow slot, eliminating the need to twine in the spokes. The 3-strand braid in the bottom section is woven in reed. Patience and attention to detail will ensure your success in mastering and shaping this weave.  The Blossom section is a 2-strand braid woven with bleached cane and framed by twined arrows. Crossing and wrapping and overlapping with be easy with this material that weaves like leather when wet.  Lash with coordinating waxed cord.

Instructor: Karen Kotecki
Level: Intermediate
Size: 4.5” tall X 7” diameter
Material Fee: $75.00
Tools needed: Scissors, packing tool, clothespins

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