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Friday, February 2

Ombre Cross
Basket Dimensions: 14 1/4" X 10 1/2"

This basket has a unique cross shaped base. The students will learn how to leave out corners of the square base and weave in a cross pattern. The basket will slowly become rounded as you weave up the sides. The colors also become lighter as you get closer to the top of the basket (the meaning of ombre). The student will also learn to do a braid weave at the top of the basket.

Level: Intermediate
Tools needed: Scissors, packing tools, spoke weight
Instructor: Patty Feathers
Material Fee: $50.00

Lauahala Jewelry set

Students will learn to work with Lauhala (corkscrew pine) leaf.
We will learn how to select, prep and where to get prepped Lauhala rolls (Kuka'a).
We will start the day by creating lauhala bracelets. We will do a simple narrow 2 band bracelet, then create a 5 band, wider bracelet. You understand how to add color and pattern and texture.
We will learn to make lauhala "roses" which we will then make them into earring studs and hair clips (for short and long hair). The flat woven lauhala will be made into earrings and students we will learn basic jewelry wire wrapping (sterling earwires will be provided).
Create the gifts for all the people you left behind on this cruise!

(Note: Additional Kits will be available for whatever students want to make)

Level: All
Tools Needed:
Instructor: Jelena Clay
Material Fee: $35.00


Basket Dimensions: 9" W X 8" H with out handle

Students will get to practice/learn how to twine a round woven base. Other techniques include: Triple twining, double lashing, color overlays and side embellishments. The hand-carved closed notched oak handle finishes this basket nicely. Choice of ocean colors (teal/seafoam green/blue) or darker combination (black/cranberry/gray)

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Tools Needed: Scissors, spoke weight, clips or clothespins, pencil, tape measure, small bent packer
Instructor: Debbie Hurd
Material Fee: $44.00


Dentil Work
Basket Dimensions: 6" diameter X 12" tall

This beautiful basket features hand turned by the teacher the base and the wooden ring under the rim. Students will learn patterns with 3 and 4 weavers. Students will also learn the effect on the shape and patterns of adding and subtracting spokes and weavers.

Level: Intermediate
Tools Needed: Scissors, awl
Instructor: Jerry Maxey
Material Fee: $85.00


Double Spiral Hills
Basket Dimensions: 6” diameter X 11” tall

Students will wicker weave on a beautiful hand made wooden base by the teacher. Students will learn how to shape a basket with sea grass "hills", and they will learn the effect on the patterns woven into the basket of adding spokes and weavers.

Level: Intermediate
Tools Needed: Scissors, awl
Instructor: Jerry Maxey
Material Fee: $75.00

Student's Nantucket Choice
Basket Dimensions: Depends on basket chosen

The student's Nantucket choice allows students to sign up for the basket of their choice. Students may sign up for 1, 2 or 3 days of class. After working with the teacher to determine the student's choice of project(s), the students will receive an invoice payable at the for the projects that they have chosen. This is a wonderful opportunity to choose the NANTUCKET basket that you have always wanted to make. When you have notification that you are in the Students Nantucket Choice class, please go to our website listed below to sign up for your project(s). Please email the teacher with any questions that you have.

Level: All Levels
Tools Needed: None, all supplied by teacher
Instructor: Joni Dee Ross
Material Fee: Will depend on the basket chosen

Treasure Bowls
Basket Dimensions: 7 1/2" and 6" diameter X 2 1/2" high (2 bowls)

Make a pair of stylish bowls to store your treasures, whether they are coins, candy, jewelry or something else. The clear bowls are glued to the slotted wood base and serve and permanent molds. Choose from assorted colors of beautiful space dyed cane for the continuous weave.

Level: Beginner
Tools Needed: Scissors, small packer, tape measure, 2 small clips, 18 clothespins
Instructor: Mary and Jimmie Earl McKinzie
Material Fee: $52.00

Rick Rack
Basket Dimensions: 9" diameter X 7" high

This basket is woven on a round wood base, with dyed spokes and weavers. Various sizes of reed and triple twining provide patterns and texture. Shaping is emphasized. Natural rims and lashing finish the basket. Colorful variegated ribbon yarn lacing accents the design.

Level: Advanced
Tools Needed: Scissors, small packer, tape measure, 2 small clip,
18 clothespins
Instructor: Mary and Jimmie Earl McKinzie
Material Fee: $48.00

Crosses and Lines
Basket Dimensions: 7" W X 12" L X 5" H

The design on the base and the sides comes from the placement of two natural or dyed reeds next to each other. The effect is the part of the basket that has lines and the other part has crosses. The basket features Feix handles and skates on the bottom for support. Skills include working with a filled in base, start-stop weaving, weaving from a chart or picture, inserting handles and rimming. Hints will be given to keep bleeding of the dyed reed to a minimum. Colors available are maroon, dark green, navy blue, and brown. Contact Peggy at for a specific color or be surprised!

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Tools Needed: Scissors, packer
Instructor: Peggy McCarson
Material Fee: $30.00

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