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Monday, February 05
8am Classes

Nantucket Basket

earn the time honored craft of creating your own beautiful Nantucket basket. This 5" round basket is constructed with a cherry base, handle, and solid rim, cane staves and bone knobs and washers to attach the handle.

Instructor: Trisha Brown
Level: All levels
Size: 5” round
Material Fee: $85.00
Tools needed: None needed

Marvin's Kitchen Twine

In this class you will construct a string holder using cherry bases, rims and handle. The basket is woven using cane staves and weaver, and completed with eco-ivory knobs. The kitchen twine is then dispensed through a hole in the bottom of the base. Come create this kitchen must have while honoring the man behind the design, Jud Marvin.

Instructor: Trisha Brown
Level: All Levels
Size: 4-1/2" Round x 10-1/2" full with handle
Material Fee: $160.00

Tools needed: None needed

By the Sea

Spokes are inserted into a prepared base. Triple twine the bottom with dyed reed. Stop-start weave with rows of triple twine or arrows using single or double reed. Rim filler is a dyed round reed. Add a teacher made embellishment of seashell or fish. You can choose to add darker blue reed as you weave.

Instructor: Peggy McCarson
Level: All Levels
Size: 6”W X 10” L X 5” H
Material Fee: $45.00

Tools needed: Scissors, packer

Charleston Sweetgrass "Round About" Basket

This "Round About" Sweetgrass Basket is started with Pine needles and strip Palmetto, Sweetgrass is added as the dimension gets larger, Palmetto Strips are used as the binding part holding the entire basket together. When finished you will have a nice round basket that can be used in many ways. Extra starter kits will be available.

Instructor: Sarah Edwards-Hammond
Level: All Levels
Size: 5.5” bottom x 3” sides
Material Fee: $80.00

Tools needed: Scissors


Nesting Oak Napkin Baskets

1 class, you will make 2 baskets. All material is Made of Hand Split White Oak from trees I cut and prepare by hand using Homemade tools my Dad made and used. The Napkin baskets have a woven Oak "Herringbone" bottom a Square top and is approx 2 1/2" deep. I share everything concerning White Oak from how I select my timber, to the preparation using primitive tools to the Owens method of rimming. Everyone should Finish in class and leave with a Beautiful piece of Ozark tradition.

Instructor: Billy Owens
Size: Large Napkin is 6” square and the Small is 4 ½” square. Both are approx. 2 ½” deep
Material Fee: $75.00

Tools needed: Scissors


“Powder” is one of three baskets that comprise the Mid-Century Vanity Set. Store make-up, powder and other personals safely inside. Each basket in this limited set is woven over a plastic shell that becomes a permanent feature of your basket. This is your chance to make one, two or all three in the collection. Once the inside shells are gone these baskets will be retired. Eric’s baskets are made with the increasingly scarce material, Black Ash. All materials including Cherry wood base, rims and lid are personally made by Eric.

Instructor: Eric Taylor
Level: Intermediate
Size: 7” w x 7” l x 4” h
Material Fee: $165.00

Tools needed: Scissors

Evening Classes • 4pm


Enjoy weaving 2 unique projects with Anne Bowers

Tapestry Weave Necklace

First class of the evening with Anne is charming little necklace for you to wear, this little basket is made over a form with cane, waxed linen, yarn and metallic thread. Each one will be beautiful and unique! Neck cord included.

Instructor: Anne Bowers
Level: Intermediate
Size: 1 ½” Wide X 2 ½” Tall, not including neck cord

Tools needed: Pair of scissors that will cut thread, small thin awl

Small Random Weave

In this second class, Anne will cover the basics of starting and weaving a random weave basket. These baskets are surprisingly sturdy and are a great way to use leftover reed. Variety of colors will be provided.

Instructor: Anne Bowers
Level: All Levels
Size: 4” tall X 3” wide
Material Fee: $78.00
for both
Tools needed: Scissors

Beach Time Tote

A cute little tote that is an easy weave but so very versatile. Great to take to the pool to hold keys, lotion, phone, sunglasses, water bottle, etc. Colors used are: hyacinth, turquoise, and Granny Smith green. Ribbon is included to do an overlay on the 3⁄4” weaver. Base and turquoise leather handles are Amish crafted. Spokes will be glued in base and weaver-ready for class.
A charm kit is included to be made during class, if time allows, or later in the room.

Instructor: Marilyn Parr
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Size: 9.5” L X 7” W X 7.5” Tall w/o/ handle13” w/handle
Material Fee: $90.00

Tools needed: Scissors, needle nose, towel, sanding pad, clothes pins



Window Pane

A rectangular filled in base is woven into an oval basket. Dyed reed is woven between black arrows. The window effect is from the diamond weave. A cute basket for any room to hold many things. Color choices are the cool colors of light green, blue, lilac or warmer colors of wine, rust, and green.

Instructor: Peggy McCarson
Level: All Levels
Size: 12” L X 7” W X 5” H
Material Fee: $45.00

Tools needed: Scissors and packing tool

Random Weave and Palm Basket – Continues

Today day we will make the palm basket. This class is fun and doesn’t require much brainpowder….perfect for later in the day! I will bring palm sheaths collected on Hawaii Island. Using my folding technique we will make a palm basket that can be used for dry arrangements, kitchen utensils, ets. When the basket is complete, we will make a rim of philodendron sheaths plus I will teach you my signature rose to finish the rim on all the pieces. I will also go over creating taller baskets using a wood block base.

**This class is a continuation from Sunday, the Random weave basket.

Instructor: Jelena Clay
Level: All Levels
Size: Approx 10” X 12” high
Material Fee: $80.00 for both baskets, Sunday and Monday

Tools needed: scissors

Pine Needle Cuff Bracelet –Continues
2 sessions 4:00 – 7:00

Tonight we will finish the pine needle cuff. Large selection of beads and waxed linen colors. Start with a wire that fits YOU. I learned this in Alaska and they are fun to create and great sellers at art shows! Buttonhole stitching with fagoting and beading added. MANY samples to see for students to be inspired!.

**This class will be taught in two sessions, class meets Sunday and Monday night, (First and second sea day)

Instructor: Pam Hermann
Level: All Levels
Size: fit your wrist
Material Fee: $35.00, for both days

Tools needed: scissors

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