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Monday, February 10

Oak Back Pack

This desirable oak pack basket will be a favorite for years to come.
All the White Oak for this basket is harvested by the teacher, Billy Owens from trees he has cut. Billy prepares the split by hand using tools that were homemade by Billy’s Dad. Billy will share how he harvested the material. Woven with techniques that have been used for generations the base measures 6" x 10", the bottom is woven in an Oak "herringbone" weave and is approx 13" deep with an Oval or D shaped top, which ever the weaver desires and is finished off with a Beautiful Leather harness.
It will be woven on a mold and everyone will finish in class.

Instructor: Billy Owens
Level: All levels
Size: 6" X 10" X approx. 13" tall
Material Fee: $125.00
Tools needed: Packing tool or awl

Under The Sea

This basket is woven on an Amish wooden base with all the colors of the sea – coral, emerald, turquoise and hyacinth! Turquoise leather handles, also Amish made, are attached at the rim. A resin starfish with beads enhance the theme of your basket. (other embellishments will be available, but included in the cost).

Instructor: Marilyn Parr
Level: Intermediate
Size: 8.5" W X 14" L X 9.5" T (17.5" w/handle)
Material Fee: $85.00

Tools needed: Weave-rite tool, needle nose pliers, tape measure

Lauhala Flask Cover

In this class we will creating a flask cover. This is very on trend for weavers on the island to have their ‘omole wai’ (water bottle) covered with a fine lauhala weave. We will learn the piko weave for the base and maka moena weave on the bottle wall. I will dye some for a beautiful color variation pattern. You will treasure your creation and find yourself weaving a cover on everything! Class project is on a 21 oz. Hydro Flask, please bring one on the cruise. Hydro Flask’s are available on-line or at some big box stores. Please email Jelena if you have another style of flask that you are bringing, the walls must be straight with no taper for the class.

Instructor: Jelena Clay
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Size: 4" X 7" tall
Material Fee: $55.00

Tools needed: 21 Oz. Hydro Flask

Pendant Lighting

Whether it be above your kitchen sink, over an island or above your vanity, see your space in a new way with this beautiful Nantucket woven style light. Construct this pendant light using maple and cane.
It’s accented with black hardware that’s included for easy installation.
You will be the envy of your fellow basket makers having this lighting up your space.

Instructor: Trisha Brown
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Size: 8" wide x 8" tall
Material Fee: $110.00

Tools needed: None

Nautical Coaster, Trinket, Catch-All

Candy dish or even a special place for a wine bottle while sitting on your table basket. No matter what you choose to call it or how you use it. This beautiful basket starts by choosing a design from an assortment of different laser cut, nautical themed bases in the construction of this 5-1/2” Round Coaster. This basket is woven using cherry base and solid cherry rim with cane staves and weaver.

Instructor: Trisha Brown
Size: 5-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" tall
Material Fee: $65.00

Tools needed: None

Indian Impressions

This beautiful twill basket is a 3/3 twill. Basket is woven with natural, smoked reed with a hint of dyed reed that makes this basket pop. Concentration will be on the twill pattern as well as shaping.

Instructor: Jenny Elzy
Level: Intermediate
Size: 9" D X 3.66" H
Material Fee: $55.00

Tools needed: Packing tool, small clips, clothes pins

Twice As Nice

As the name indicates, this is a double wall basket. It has a wood base and is woven over a class mold. The inside has dyed spokes and is woven with natural reed and accented with space-dyed. The outside is a mix of spaced-dyed spokes with dyed and space-dyed weavers..

Instructor: Mary and Jimmie Earl McKenzie
Level: Intermediate
Size: 9” Diameter X 5” H
Material Fee: $42.00

Tools needed: Small packer, tape measure, 2 small clips,
18 clothespins, tape measure


This unique basket is woven over a heavy-duty plastic vase that serves as a permanent mold. The weaving starts with triple twining, then the main body of the basket is woven in a striking dyed twill. Assorted colors will be available. Matching or neutral waxed linen is used for the lashing.

Instructor: Mary and Jimmie Earl McKenzie
Level: Intermediate
Size: 5" Diameter X 11" H
Material Fee: $45.00

Tools needed: Small packer, tape measure, 2 small clips,
18 clothespins

Nautical Edge

This nautical themed basket is wove using natural and dyed gray edge. The basket starts with natural spokes inserted into a round wood base. Techniques include double triple twine, double wave embellishments and a single lash rim with cotton cord rim filler and handles.

Instructor: Mary Price
Level: All Levels
Size: 10" D X 3 ½" T
Material Fee: $44.00

Tools needed: Packing tool, clothespins

Twisted Sister

This basket has two overlapping ribbed baskets on one cedar handle for twice the sister weaving fun. Primary ribs are already glued in the drilled handle, ready to weave. Students may not finish in class time, but will have all the secondary ribs in place and only need to complete center over-under weaver on each basket.

Instructor: Nancy Matthews
Level: Intermediate
Size: 8" X 14" X 4"
Material Fee: $60.00

Tools needed: small packer, clothespins

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